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People always need places to live and work. There are buildings and parcels of land all around us which while neglected or redundant, are structurally sound and deserve the opportunity to provide a vital and sustainable resource to support our living and business needs and enable us to thrive. That is why we love development.

Choosing to work with existing commercial building stock means we can use permitted development rights to convert buildings to residential properties. Through sympathetic restoration of derelict and under-utilised buildings we are proud to contribute positively to the regeneration of our local town and city centres.

We are based on the south coast and operate our business in Hampshire and the surrounding counties.

Our Vision

We know that across our city of focus there is a housing deficit of 10,000 homes. We believe that by repurposing redundant commercial buildings we can make an impact on creating new and much needed housing in the city. With the help of our investors, we will actively contribute to the creation of new homes while improving the local street scene. Our forecast for gross development value is over £10 million by 2025 across multiple projects.

Our Strategy

By adopting creative solutions, we look for commercial property with a view to repurposing. This means we can use permitted development instead of lengthy full planning applications and add value through the planning, design and build. We take time to understand our end goal and provide more than one exit strategy so we can respond to market conditions and create solid returns.


Building strong relationships is at the heart of our business. We work with like-minded people who share our vision and values.


Tenacity is our middle name. We aren’t afraid of challenges. We demonstrate this through our commitment to delivering when we say we will.


We believe in that transparency is key to working across a wide and trusted team. This is a culture we lead with from the front.


Coupled with the importance of great relationships and transparency in business, we believe this generates trust across our stakeholders and our team.


From our approach to selecting property, financing our developments, and maximising the potential of the buildings, we have creativity at our core.

Supporting Others

We are solutions based. We look for solutions to help others around us and operate a zero blame culture in our business and our team.